Sustainable Running


We are all at a point where its time to start looking at how our lifestyles, in relation to environmental impact. Although large corporations and industries have a lot to answer to in terms of their impact on the planet, we as individuals also are instrumental in making changes. Small changes can make a big difference! Running may appear to be a sustainable an eco-friendly sport, however, this is not always the case! There are easy ways to have less of an impact on the environment when it comes to the choices we make. Swapping single use energy gels, bars and balls for powders or tablets that mix with water in a reusable water bottle will not only save the planet but also save you money. If you like to take part in organised races, opt for events that organised by organisations that are committed to sustainability and who offset carbon emissions. Choose to buy sustainably made running gear, and look after it! Research tells us that approximately half a million tons of microfibre is dumped into our oceans every year, as for carbon emissions, the fashion industry is responsible for releasing more C02 into the atmosphere than all international flights and shipping put together. In order to combat this frightening statistic, we as individuals need to start thinking about buying from brands who ensure that their processes do not harm the planet, we need to buy local, think about how we wash and care for our running gear, so that it lasts and gets good use. Only buy new when you need to! All of the running trainers that have ever been made are still on this planet! Although we are told to upgrade our trainers regularly, check them before automatically replacing them after a specified mileage. be sensible about disposal, donate used running trainers to charity, or recycling programmes. Lots of running shops will take back an old pair and recycle them for you. Run not drive! When practical to do so, walk/jog/run as a mode of transport! It will not only reduce your Carbon foot print, but make you fitter and also improve your wellbeing. These are just a few suggestions of small changes that could have a big impact on saving our planet.