Running & Wellbeing


One of the arms of wellbeing is paying attention to the present moment, you might be wondering how this can be incorporated into running.

As a runner or walker, it’s important to pay attention to your surroundings to ensure your safety; to stay on the curb, to cross a road when the road is clear, and to not bump into people and lampposts.  During lockdown we all became very familiar with trundling through our local areas, you might make the same journey regularly, but have you noticed the small things on your route which make them unique?  Noticing these little things can make your journey more enjoyable and yourself be more in the moment.

Pausing and enjoying a view from a vantage point or bridge is another great way to soak up your location and to be truly mindful.  As WH Davies wrote in ‘Leisure’ if you have no time to stand and stare it’s a poor life.  Make your leisure time count, enjoy the sights and be rich in the beauty that you find.