Frequently Asked Questions

To keep your item looking and feeling great for the longest possible time we recommend the following.

  • Machine wash cold
  • Wash similar colours together
  • Do not bleach
  • Do not tumble dry
  • Do not iron

Also, please think if your item needs washing every time you wear it, it will be better for the planet if you wash it less and also your product will last longer.

Wash your bottle using hot soapy water, if the rubber seal comes out replace it with the so the smooth edge is on the outside. 

Do not wash your bottle in the dishwasher. 

The cheapest solution is biodegradable or compostable poly bags once you receive your delivery you can simply pop your bag in your food waste bin where it will disintegrate within 12 weeks and then fully biodegrade within 6 months. Whilst this solution is good it is not ideal for all products and still requires energy in the manufacturing process. Another solution is to use reusable packaging, RePack provides tough , waterproof, recycled and reusable packaging, which is the complete opposite to single use packaging. According to Repack some of their packaging has been reused at least 50 times. The only problem with Repack is that it costs £4 per use, this is why we have provided this option as a delivery service at checkout, giving the customer the choice.

It’s not mandatory to have an account to place an order with us. You can check out as a guest

If you contact us before we process your order, we will be able to change the delivery address. Once the order has been dispatched, we are unable to change a delivery address.

If you contact our customer service team via the Contact Us page before your order has been processed in our warehouse, we can cancel the order and issue a full refund. If your order has already been processed, you can take advantage of our returns policy. For more details please see our Returns Policy.

Currently we don’t offer the option of gift wrapping. However, we are constantly working on improving the shopping experience and hopefully will provide this option in the future.

If you order 50 or more products we do provide special pricing.

Our customer service team can be reached out by emailing us at You can expect a response within 6 business hours.

We try and produce a limited number of each item to avoid over production. We will reproduce our best sellers but please feel free to contact us if there is a product which is showing as out of stock on the website.

No, we work with More:Trees. They have partnered with tree planters in communities around the world that have the skill, expertise and resources to plant a tree in the best way while making a positive impact on the local environment.

More:Trees heavily research every partner to ensure:
They are planting the trees and have reliable methods for accounting for seeds, saplings and trees planted.
They’re planting trees in a way to maximise survival rates (e.g. only planting indigenous tree species and planting in the right seasons).

They’re making a positive impact in the local community (e.g. educating locals, planting agroforestry trees, supporting different projects).

More:Trees only partner with the projects we would be happy to support.

They have an 80% survival rate with the remaining 20% natural regeneration

As quickly as the planting seasons allow to give the maximum chance of survival

It’s normally within three months

If you would like to ask us a question, have a comment on what we do, or you just want to tell us about something just get in touch with us here. 

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