Rooted in Change: The Transformative Power of Tree Planting

Adult and young people in a forest planting trees

Rooted in Change: The Transformative Power of Tree Planting At Oso Sportswear, we don’t just advocate for sustainable fashion; we believe in cultivating a greener tomorrow. Our commitment goes beyond producing eco-friendly and sustainable sportswear; it extends to planting trees, a practice that holds profound benefits for the environment. Introduction: In a world racing against … Read more

Eco-Friendly Running: Tips for a More Sustainable Sport

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Eco-Friendly Running – Being a sustainable runner Running is often considered a low-impact and eco-friendly sport. However, there are some things you can do to make your running even more sustainable. Learn how to make your running more eco-friendly by following these few tips: Choose sustainable gear. When buying new running shoes and clothing, look … Read more

How to Care for Your Recycled Polyester Sportswear

Recycled Polyester Sportswear – Hints and tips for looking after your kit! When it comes to activewear, recycled polyester is a popular and sustainable choice. Not only is it durable and moisture-wicking, but it also has a lower environmental impact compared to traditional polyester. However, to keep your recycled sportswear in top condition, it’s essential … Read more

The Future of Fashion

Sustainable Fashion: The Future of Fashion Fashion has always been a symbol of identity and expression for humans. From the earliest days of human history, clothes have been a way to communicate, represent status, and indicate personality. As fashion has evolved, so too has its impact on the environment. With the growth of fast fashion … Read more

Sustainable Running

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We are all at a point where its time to start looking at how our lifestyles, in relation to environmental impact. Although large corporations and industries have a lot to answer to in terms of their impact on the planet, we as individuals also are instrumental in making changes. Small changes can make a big … Read more


In all of the discussions and meetings throughout our research for our launch our mission was simple – our sportwear and sports kit had to be ethically sourced and sustainable and make a positive impact on the community whilst having the smallest impact on the environment. Being green and environmentally friendly is such a hot … Read more